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Goals and Objectives

The whole system of modern education is built on the suggestion to students the idea that Science is infallible. The result is – primarily a setting is formed that the content of textbooks and books is the Truth which is established once and for all and it is not to be questioned and revised. This setting is supported by the whole hierarchical system of positions and titles in the official science; every scientific statement acquires dissertations of different levels, articles and monographs, inextricably linked with the authority (and, consequently, with the place in the hierarchy) of the author. Therefore now changing of scientific views is always a painful process involving numerous personal interests. And so everything new has to overcome strong opposition from the viewpoint that is officially recognized at the current time.

However True Science is not a dogma. True Science, as cognition instrument of reality, is inextricably connected with the evolution, because cognition itself is impossible without evolution. But any evolution is always accompanied by as “correct” steps and errors. And the scientific picture of the Universe is only a version. It is only an approximation to the Truth and contains misconceptions.

And everything, that is true in general for Science is true, for that part of it which is called History.

Time is inexorable. It is merciless to “detail” and “pieces”, erasing them forever. From holistic “mosaic picture” time leaves us with only “fragments” which are often extracted only with great difficulty. And the more time has passed from the moment of a certain reality to the present day, the smaller “fragments” are at our disposal for the reconstruction of this “mosaic picture.”

But not just one “picture” can be made from “mosaic fragments”. There can be many options for ordering the “mosaic” elements. In addition, the absence of a set of elements makes it difficult to restore the true “picture”. It is clear that in such circumstances we do not have the right to take History as a Science, which established anything once and for all. Current statements and notions of History are only a VERSION. Good or bad – it depends on many aspects, but still, it is only a version! ..

However, the overall current situation in Science is reflected on History. Some officially recognized version of the past does not only dominates, but strongly resists attempts to encroach on its monopoly. Therefore, materials and artifacts, hypotheses and assumptions that do not fit the official version are ignored in every way, rejected and (only in the best case) are subjected to merciless criticism and obstruction. The result is that it is extremely difficult to search for as alternative versions and to establish the Objective Truth in general.

The Author of the Project at first hand experienced the complexity of the search grains of material, search for “fragments of mosaic” that do not fit the official version and often directly contradict it. A lot of books, magazines, newspapers (often with dubious information) need to be “shoveled” to extract some “small” artifact or fruitful idea, contrary to the official picture of our Past. And this Project – “Laboratory of Alternative History” – as one of its tasks has facilitating access to such materials for people who are interested in the problem of the ancient civilisations.

But “fragments” – they are just “fragments”, from which a complete “picture” needs to be created. Even simply “to outline sketches” of several possible “pictures”. But for a complete “picture”, which if only significant approximation to the Truth, you need a minimum number of “fragments”, which are very difficult to provide, for example, for such period that applies to pre-literate history. As a result, a considerable number of ideas and hypotheses, which have not a sufficient number of artifacts, not reflected in the articles and books that require a certain degree of logical completeness and integrity of the material. But it is a pity to lose the constructive idea (or the ability to push someone else to this idea) just because of some “standard printed materials”! .. Therefore, another task of the Project is the organisation of opportunity for different people to share their ideas, without requiring them to conduct a full survey operation and maintaining accessibility to everybody of these “grain of truth” or “grain errors”.

Why has ancient history been selected as the theme of the Project? Firstly, because the fates decreed it fell into the sphere of interest of the author of the Project. Secondly, a whole lot of problems of the present, as it turns out, are rooted in the deep past of mankind, drawing our attention to the origins of civilisation as such. Thirdly, this period is least studied and is extremely interesting that, in turn, provides the basis for a truly collective creativity. Fourth, fifth, etc. could be more articulate, but it’s better to be honest – so it happened!.. But who knows what is next…

And another necessary consideration. The author of the Project, of course, has his own preferences and inclined to suppose (as the most likely at the current time) the version according to which the life of our ancestors had the strongest influence from representatives of highly developed alien civilisation. Moreover, it is thanks to them that ancient civilisations were born exactly in the form and in a manner in which it took place. But other versions should not be ignored. Therefore, it is possible that some materials will serve as the supporters of official version about independent and progressive (in general) development of human civilisation. Someone will defend the hypothesis of Atlantis or Hyperborea – the hypothesis that humanity previously was at a very high level of development, but it was thrown back by virtue of a cataclysm. There are also arguments for supporters of various “mixed” versions. Even supporters of controversial past (for example, proponents of the Everett theory of multiple universes), for sure, will be able to use something for his theory. The Project is for everybody. Come and take an active part. Just remember: Your version, no matter how logical and reasoned it may seem to you, just like any other it is only a VERSION…

Welcome to the Laboratory of Alternative History!

Andrey Sklyarov, Oct 2006

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