Oxana Luthi

Team member:

In LAH project since 2009 (since the 1st forum). In 2010 took part in an expedition to Egypt, where conducted the major measurements and collected samples for further study.
Then followed other expeditions to Egypt: 2011 and 2012.
In 2013, an expedition to Japan, under the guidance of Andrey Sklyarov.
Independently organized and conducted expeditions in 2014 to Lebanon-Jordan and in 2015 to Turkey.
I regularly travel to the Europe cities for acquaintance and photo coverage of the main museums of European cities.
London 2014, Berlin 2016.

I specialize in detailed surveys of objects and  macro-photography with the help of a digital mobile microscope.
Of particular interest are objects with real polygonal masonry, megalithic structures, hard basalt stone products, granite, as well as their processing, underground structures, ancient structures where restoration has not yet been carried out. I’m looking for traces of “soft, plasticine” technologies.

Future plans:

  • visit Peru and Bolivia in 2017
  • annual trips to the Europe museums
  • expeditions in China, Ethiopia, central Egypt, Adamov Bridge-isthmus between India and Sri Lanka.

I have a diver license, so underwater research is possible (Yonaguni).

I work in IT (maintenance)


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